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The Final Count. The numbers are in…

Disappointment = 16

Joys = 243

It’s offical…moments of joy won by a landslide!

This past year I have written about all the things that make me happy and I have to admit that it helped put things in perspective. I seemed to look for the joy in all situations (well I tried most of the time) and it worked to keep me in a more positive state of mind. The process of writing has become like a small addiction and I was sad thinking about not writing anymore. My friends asked if I would keep up the blog, but I feel as though this one has run its course. I did what I set out to do, and it’s time for it to end. 2010 is nearly over and new year is on the horizon…

I have something up my sleeve though….my writing is not finished.

Stay tuned for a new blog….more to come in the new year!

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope everyone finds some happniess and joy in all that they do!



Laurie xoxo


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April Update

It’s April! Only three months left of school, it’s officially spring with buds on the trees and dirty birds bathing themselves in the puddles of rain. I am enjoying my lists of things that bring joy in my life and truth be told it does seem to help keep the disappointments at bay.

2010 – thus far

60  joys   +      7  disappointments   =   happiness!

Take that disappointments!!! Joys are kicking your ass.

Because I am having so much fun now with this whole “bloging” thing and it seems that people are actually reading it, I wanted to know what you think of disappointment.

joy or disappointment?



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